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We at Midway Covenant Christian School strive in every way possible to provide an environment that helps children excel in all areas of life. We want to afford every opportunity and we understand that true success – both academic and social must be achieved through moral excellence and intellectual challenge. MCCS was started as a ministry of Midway Presbyterian Church with the same goals you have. We support your efforts by continuing the same mindset in the classroom that you have instituted in your home. At Midway, we strive for excellence in character as directed by the Bible and excellence in each student’s academic development.

We are not a Christian school because we teach verses and have a Scripture lesson each day. We are so because Biblical principles permeate every aspect of our school day.

School News
  • From the Desk of a Student...

    Hey, I’m Sarah. You would probably know me as “The New Girl.” This school is so amazing and who knew it could get better at the middle school retreat. You get to know your peers and classmates a lot better and hopefully get closer to God.
    My experience was with the orange team. Everyone is in different colored teams with different kids from different grades. We do competitive activities, and my favorite indoor game was when we put shaving cream on a teammate’s head and threw cheese puff balls at their head. Another game that everyone loves is Manhunt. We wait for night fall and look for clues as a team. Sounds easy, right? Sorry, forgot to tell you the hard part. The teachers and staff catch you and send you to prison. You can get out…eventually!
    The worship was led by the amazing Miss Johnson! Honestly, I don’t know if she leads it every year, but this worship was fantastic. We gather together and sing wonderful songs as a community. It is such a wonderful experience for all the kids. Most everyone came back changed and super happy (don’t forget TIRED). I came back welcomed to the school and changed with the worship. If you want your child to have a wonderful weekend and getaway from school, then this is the retreat to go on. Thank you!

  • Important Dates
  • Sept 20th

    Open House Middle School
    The middle school will have four 15 minute rotations. During these rotations the parents will follow a miniature version of their child's morning schedule. This will give parents an opportunity to visit the students Math, Science, History, and Language Arts teacher.

    There will also be opportunities for the parents to visit with the specials teachers. We will have half the specials teachers represented at the first open house and the other half at the second open house.

  • September 26th - 30th

    Fall Break-NO SCHOOL

  • Oct 3rd - 7th

    Free Dress Fundraiser
    Support the 8th grade trip to DC. Students may dress out of uniform this week by paying $2.00 per student per day. Handbook dress code does apply.

  • Oct 7th

    Parents and grandparents are invited to join a time of prayer for the school, staff and students. Meet in the historic sanctuary from 8:30 - 9:30 (or come and go as your schedule allows). Contact Heather Canup with questions.

  • Oct. 7th

    School Store

  • Oct. 10th - 14th

    Scholastic Book Fair

  • Oct 11th

    BETA CLUB MEETING - 3:15 to 3:45 in Mrs. Flanagan's classroom. This is for all current Beta Club members 6th - 8th grade.

  • Oct 12th

    Fall Pictures-UNIFORMS REQUIRED, class pictures will also be taken. Retakes will take place on November 16th. Each family will be provided with a small packet of photos at no extra charge. You may then order additional photos. Picture day for K-3 students to be determined.

  • Oct 17th - 19th

    EARLY DISMISSAL & PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE DAYS - Teachers will be sending home conference notices soon.

  • Oct 20th & 21st

    Late Fall Break-N0 School

  • School Information
  • School Hours

    K3 (2 day)
    K4 (3 day) & (5 day)
    8:30 - 12:30

    K5 Full Day
    1st - 5th Grade
    8:30 - 3:00

    6th Grade - 8th Grade
    8:30 - 3:15

    Office Hours
    8:00 - 4:00

  • Contact Information

    We would love to talk to you about our school and how we can serve your family. Please contact us at:

    Midway Covenant Christian School

    4635 Dallas Hwy.
    Powder Springs, GA 30127

    (770)422-6416 Fax

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