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Our Mission

yearbook200082009-062Midway Presbyterian Church, a cornerstone of the West Cobb community for nearly 150 years, began Midway Covenant Christian School in 1996 as a ministry. Wanting to provide an academically excellent Christian education, the Classical education method was chosen.

Since the first group of seven Kindergarten students in 1996, enrollment has grown to 300 students in grades K-4 through 8th grade. Special offerings now include Art, Music, Latin, Technology, P.E., Band, Cross Country, Basketball, Cheerleading and Baseball.

Midway School is governed by a seven-person volunteer school committee. The school committee is under authority of the church session. The session has final authority in all school matters.

Midway School is a “covenant model” school – meaning that one or both parents must be professing Christians, willing to sign the covenant contract for parents, and they must be actively involved in Midway Church or another evangelical church.

The purposes of Midway Covenant Christian School are:

  • To train our covenant children to see and understand all of life through the teachings and principles of God’s infallible Word.
  • To understand that we are God’s special creation and that we live in a God-centered universe.
  • To develop and articulate a God-centered world life-view.
  • To be prepared for higher education, jobs and life.

While the responsibility of education and nurturing children rests with parents, we view the Christian school as an extension of the family to help in this process. The purpose is to prepare our young people to be able to function in the world as a Christian and not of the world. The ultimate goal of Midway Covenant Christian School is to teach our students to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

Our desire is to acquaint our students with the riches of God’s creation, using Scripture as the ultimate guide and authority within all curriculum and activities. We acknowledge Christ as the Head of the school, Creator of all things, Redeemer of fallen man, and Sovereign over all areas of life.

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    We would love to talk to you about our school and how we can serve your family. Please contact us at:

    Midway Covenant Christian School

    4635 Dallas Hwy.
    Powder Springs, GA 30127

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    K4 (3 day) & (5 day)
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