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We Are Classical

What is classical education? Definitively, classical education is proven scholastic methodologies and curricula (i.e., courses of study) which concentrate on teaching a core body of knowledge (i.e., art, geography, history, language, literature, mathematics, music, religion, and science) as well as the literacy skills of reading and writing. Furthermore, there is significant emphasis on the development of learning skills (i.e., study, inquiry, research, and discovery) which shape the abilities to question, think, reason and decide. In addition, much emphasis is placed on grammar, logic and rhetoric.

Grammar: The beginning fundamental rules of each subject – grades K-6.

Logic: The ordered relationship of particulars in each subject – grades 7-10.

Rhetoric: How the grammar and logic of each subject may clearly be explained – grades 10-12.

Moreover, classical education is an environment of hard-work, challenge, testing, evaluation, feedback, setbacks, rewards, and achievement. It is an environment which strengthens interpersonal relationships as well as personal skills and abilities. It shapes values, character, and confidence.

Finally, classical education provides the necessary academic, intellectual and spiritual resources for higher learning and career development. Most important, it provides the foundation and resources for life as well as a lifetime of learning with an emphasis on a Bilblical world and life view.


The curriculum is chosen by the school committee with much prayer and research. In keeping with Midway’s high academic standards, curriculum is evaluated for academic soundness and Biblical Worldview.

  • Presentation of God’s truth in all areas of instruction and learning.
  • Develop a Biblical worldview.
  • Equip young people to be Biblical Christians living in a secular world able to give an answer for the hope that is within them.
  • Recognition that parents have the primary responsibility in training their children and Midway is acting on their behalf as an extension of the home.
  • Recognition that we are bearers of a sinful nature and are due appropriate discipline. (“Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him.” Prov. 22:15)
  • Recognition that as fallen man our inclination is to seek the road of least resistance; therefore, we must challenge and stretch students by encouraging them to strive for excellence, take responsibility for their actions, to persevere even in the face of a difficult task.
  • Because we are in the image of God, we must always do our best in all that we do.
  • Recognition that as bearers of the image of God we must treat on another with respect, acknowledging that “whatever we do to the least of these my brothers you do unto me.”

The publishers that Midway uses include the following:

Grade Course Publisher
K4 Phonics / Reading / Art / Bible ABEKA
  Handwriting / Mathematics ACSI
K5 Mathematics BJU
  Reading / Phonics / Handwriting BJU / BJU / Zaner Bloser
1st – 6th Mathematics / Mathematics 6th Grade BJU / Prentice Hall
  Reading (6th grade only) / Handwriting BJU / Zaner Bloser
  Read & Think Skill Sheets (4th grade) ABEKA
  Spelling ACSI
  Spelling (6th grade) ABEKA
  Grammar Shurley Grammar
  History (2nd grade – 6th grade) Veritas Press
  Science (1st grade – 6th grade) BJU
  Heritage Studies (1st grade) BJU
  Children’s Latin (3rd grade) Power-Glide Foreign Language Courses
  My State Notebook (4th grade) ABEKA
  Latin Primer I (4th) & Latin Primer II (5th – 6th) Canon Press
7th – 8th Spelling / Vocabulary / Poetry ABEKA
  Literature BJU
  Grammar Shurley Grammar
  Course 2, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I Prentice Hall
  Life Science (7th grade) BJU
  History – World Studies (7th grade) BJU
  Latin Primer III Canon Press
  US Government (8th grade) CSI
  Logic – Art of Argument (8th grade) Classical Academic Press
  Space and Earth Science (8th grade) BJU

ENRICHMENT CLASSES (varies by grade)
Music, Art, Computer, Band, Physical Education, Study Skills, Life Skills

ACSI Association of Christian Schools International
BJU Bob Jones University
CSI Christian Schools International

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