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Wait List Explanation

 We will take up to 5 students on a wait list for each grade level. Typically, three or less will get in before August. Students will remain on the wait list for one year. Occasionally, spots open up at the end of the first semester. At that time, open spots will be offered to wait list students.

In January, when current students re-enroll, wait list students will be given the opportunity to “re-apply” before enrollment opens to the public. This requires a small non-refundable fee (currently $115.00) and the student will be re-tested. All other documents that were provided with the initial application will carry over. Enrollment is not guaranteed as it will depend on openings available after current students re-enroll. It does allow you to be placed back on the wait list before new applicants.

There are three dates that we may learn of availability in the classes with a waiting list.

LATE SPRING – After spring conferences with current students are held and a determination is made that they will repeat a grade or proceed to the next grade level.

END OF MAY – We are often informed the last day of school about decisions families have made not to return for various reasons.

END OF JUNE – The first tuition payment is due June 15th. Families have 10 days from this date in which to pay the amount due, which is non-refundable. At this time, families who were on the fence concerning re-enrollment, due to job changes, income, moving, etc. make their decision.

Historically, the end of May and the end of June is when we know our availability. It is not our normal practice to call parents at each of these intervals but rather to call when an opening is available. Parents are always welcome to call and get an update at any time.

 Whenever an opening becomes available, applicable wait list students will be notified.

The criteria used to determine the best fit for the open slots include test scores, gender (to balance a classroom), the date the application was received, are there siblings that have already been accepted (we try to keep families together). There are times when nothing separates which student is the best fit. At that point, we may use the birthday as a means to fill the opening.

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